Assembly notes:

All values should be on the board with the following exceptions:

Bottom left IC is CD4040

Diodes are labeled "Shottky." I use 1n4001 but you can try other things. 

On the bottom right and top left there are pcb images for diodes, but use resistors there. 

".1-10uf" indicates range of capacitors. larger (10uf) will give you clock range signals. Lower will give you audio rate. I'd recommend using one high value and one low value per pair. 

Large copper plated holes are for jacks/connections. You can use banana jacks or wire these holes directly to screws on a panel.

The "audio in" pin and banana plug directly to its left were an experimental addition that requires some modification (cutting pcb traces) to make work. The board will work without this. 

Audio output is in stereo if you use the stereo 3.5mm jack as shown on the PCB. You can also take the left and the right channel to two separate jacks, or mix them down to one channel. The way the board is set up, the jacks at the top right and the top left are "outputs" to the left and the right channel. Connecting any of the four frequency outputs in the top left and bottom right corner to these jacks will patch those to the output. The jacks in the middle are the power inputs for each osc pair.